How To Keep Your Porta Potties From Smelling

Inside,a,portable,toiletHow To Keep Your Porta Potties From Smelling

Porta potties are a convenient and cost-effective solution for outdoor events, construction sites, and other situations where access to a traditional restroom is limited. However, one of the biggest challenges of using porta potties is the unpleasant odor that can develop over time. Fortunately, with some simple precautions and practices, you can keep your porta potties fresh and odor-free. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how you can keep your porta potties from smelling.

1. Choose the Right Location

The first step to preventing unpleasant odors in your porta potties is to choose the right location. Select an area that is out of the wind and away from high-traffic areas. Additionally, make sure the area is well-drained to prevent the accumulation of water and sewage.

2. Clean and Deodorize Regularly

The best way to keep your porta potties from smelling is to clean and deodorize them regularly. This should start with a deep cleaning before the event or project begins. After that, you should clean and deodorize the porta potties daily or more frequently if needed.

To clean your porta potties, you should use a mild cleaning solution and a long-handled brush. Scrub all surfaces inside the unit, including the toilet bowl, seat, and walls. After scrubbing, rinse the surfaces thoroughly with water and dry with a clean cloth.

To deodorize your porta potties, you can use specialized products that are designed to neutralize odors. These products usually come in liquid or powder form and can be added to the water tank or sprayed on the interior surfaces of the porta potty. Be sure to use a deodorizer that is safe for the environment and won’t cause damage to the porta potty.

3. Use Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation is key to preventing unpleasant odors in porta potties. Most porta potties have vents built into the roof, but you can also add additional ventilation systems to improve airflow. For example, you can install a solar-powered ventilation fan that uses the sun’s energy to create a constant flow of air through the unit.

4. Provide Hand Sanitizer

Providing hand sanitizer to people using your porta potty can help reduce the spread of bacteria and germs and keep your porta potty smelling fresh. Make sure to choose a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol and place it in an easily accessible location inside the porta potty.

5. Encourage Proper Use

One of the most effective ways to prevent unpleasant odors in your porta potty is to encourage proper use. Place signs and posters inside the unit that remind people to flush the toilet after use, dispose of waste properly, and avoid throwing trash or non-flushable items into the toilet.

You can also encourage people to use the porta potty properly by providing a handwashing station outside the unit. This will encourage people to wash their hands after using the toilet, which can help reduce the spread of germs and keep the porta potty clean and fresh.

6. Monitor the Usage

Regularly monitoring the usage of your porta potty can help you identify potential issues before they become a problem. Assign someone to check the porta potties regularly and report any issues such as clogs, leaks, or damage.

Additionally, you should have a plan in place to deal with overflow situations. If a porta potty becomes full, it can quickly become a major source of odor. Establish a protocol for emptying and cleaning the unit as soon as possible to prevent unpleasant smells from developing.


Keeping your porta potties from smelling requires some effort and attention, but it is well worth it for the comfort and convenience of your guests or workers. By choosing the right location, cleaning and deodorizing regularly, using ventilation systems, providing hand sanitizer, encouraging proper use, and monitoring the usage, you can keep your porta potties fresh and odor-free.

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How Are Porta Potties Cleaned?

Blue,deluxe,porta,potty,,porta,john,,portable,restrooms,,portable,toilets,How Are Porta Potties Cleaned?

One of the biggest questions we hear when people rent portable toilets is how they are cleaned. This is an important question to answer, because a dirty porta potty can be a breeding ground for germs and pathogens. Luckily, cleaning and maintenance are often a part of porta potty services that can be done by dedicated sanitation workers.

Empty The Tank

One of the best ways to keep a portable toilet clean is to make sure it’s properly maintained. This includes a regular maintenance schedule and keeping it well-stocked with supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap and paper towels. If you’ve ever used a portable restroom, you may have noticed that they usually have a blue liquid in the holding tank. That’s a special antibacterial liquid that keeps the restrooms fresh and reduces odors. When it’s time to empty the tank, sanitation workers connect a vacuum hose directly to the unit’s waste tank and begin pumping it out. The waste then goes into a sewage truck tank that’s tasked with transporting it to a sewage treatment plant.

Sanitize The Restrooms

Once the tank is emptied, the sanitation crew then sprays the porta potty’s interior surfaces with a water-based solution that contains dye and an enzyme to clear bacteria and eliminate odors. Additionally, they will be tasked with cleaning procedures such as scrubbing the walls, floors and toilet seats. Their services also includes sanitizing the touch points, such as the door and seat. This is important because it is a surefire method of eliminating a lot of germs and bacteria.

Charge the Units

After a porta potty’s waste tank is emptied and cleaned, sanitation workers add several gallons of a blue chemical that acts as both a disinfectant and odor neutralizer. The amount of chemical used will depend on weather conditions. For example, technicians will substantially increase the ratio of water to chemicals during hot weather and at times when a porta potty is expected to receive high traffic, such as an outdoor fair or concert. This additive is also used to measure usage, and if it begins to turn green, it’s time for a service call.

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