How Many Porta Potties Do I Need For My Event?

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Whether you’re hosting a small private party or a large outdoor festival, one of the most important logistical considerations you’ll need to make is how many porta potties you’ll need to ensure the comfort and convenience of your event guests. Sufficient access to restroom facilities can make or break an event, so it’s essential to plan accordingly. In this blog post, we’ll explore various factors that can affect the number of porta potties you’ll need for your event, as well as some general guidelines you can follow to determine the appropriate amount.

Factors that Can Affect Your Porta Potty Needs

The number of porta potties required for your event can vary based on different factors, making it important to consider each factor in-depth before settling on a final number. Here are a few considerations that can affect how many porta potties you’ll need:

1. Number of Attendees: The size of your guest list will play a significant role in determining the number of porta potties required at your event. The more people attending, the more restrooms you’ll need. For example, a small gathering of 50 people could get by with two or three porta potties, while a larger festival with 2,000 attendees may require 50 or more.

2. Duration of the Event: The length of your event will also dictate the number of porta potties required. A shorter event can get by with fewer restrooms, while a day-long festival will need more resources for the guests to use. In general, you’ll need to plan for at least one portable toilet per 50 guests for an event lasting up to four hours, and one per 100 guests for an event lasting up to eight hours.

3. Gender of Attendees: The gender ratio of your guests will also impact porta potty needs. Events with equal numbers of men and women can get by with a roughly equal number of portable restrooms, but if the gender balance significantly leans towards one side or the other, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

4. Alcohol Consumption: Events where alcohol is served will inevitably lead to more use of the restroom facilities. As alcohol consumption increases bladder activity, more restrooms are needed to keep up with demand. Plan on increasing your porta potty count by at least 10-15% for events with alcohol service.

5. Nature of Event: The nature of your event can also play a crucial role in guiding your porta potty decisions. A family-friendly event may require fewer restrooms than a more mature festival that involves alcohol and partying.

How to Calculate How Many Porta Potties You Need

Now that we’ve explored the different factors that can affect the number of porta potties you need for your event, let’s dive into how to calculate the quantity you require. Here are some general guidelines based on the factors listed above:

1. Start by considering the number of guests attending, duration of the event and how much budget do you have. For a minimum standard, offer at least one porta potty per 50 guests for an individual day event and for longer events up to 8 hours, offer a minimum of one porta potty per 100 guests.

2. Adjust the numbers based on the factors mentioned above. For events with more women than men, have more portable units dedicated to women’s restrooms as women take longer than men in restrooms. If alcohol is served at the event, increase your porta potty count by at least 10-15%.

3. Calculate the amount of time event attendees are expected to spend at the event. For longer events that continue beyond the normal working day, guests may require additional restroom breaks, thus you should consider adding units to the arrangements.

4. Consider the placement and distribution of porta potty units for logistical placement. Locations that have high traffic areas or are at the edges of the event venue will need more restroom units than other low traffic areas.

5. Once you’ve calculated your minimum porta potty requirement, it’s always ideal to add spares just in case of any unexpected attendance. Not having enough portable toilets can be a problematic situation as it can have the potential to tarnish the event for the attendees.


Overall, deciding the number of porta potties needed for your event requires careful consideration of several factors. Starting by guest estimation, duration of the event, different gender requirements, event nature to the restroom logistics for the attendees, each factor plays a significant part in deciding the correct number of units required. By taking careful stock of everything to consider for your event beforehand, you will ensure a comfortable and memorable event experience for your attendees.