Luxury Construction Bathrooms in Everett, WA

Royal Flush Bathrooms offers portable restrooms for construction sites. We offer portable restrooms that meet all site requirements to ensure that your construction workers have privacy and comfort when using our luxury rental bathrooms for construction sites.

Our units are ideal for construction sites as they have good traction inside. This means that there won’t be any slips, trips, or falls when your workers are on their bathroom break.

Our portable bathrooms for construction sites will save you valuable time and money. Your construction workers won’t have to leave the site every time they need to take a bathroom break. Our technicians can strategically place units at various locations on-site to ensure that all workers have adequate access to the portable bathrooms. Our units are especially useful if your construction site is located in a remote area.

Luxury Construction Bathrooms in Everett, WA

We Meet Your Portable Bathroom Needs

The first step we take when you come to us with your restroom facility requirements for your construction site is to take into consideration who will be using our portable restroom. In most cases, you may only require a single, standard portable bathroom. But, this will also be determined by the number of construction workers you have on site. When time is money, as is the case on a construction site, you don’t want your workers queuing to use the bathroom.

Alternatively, you want to be sure that you don’t overestimate your portable bathroom needs. This will lead to over-expenditure. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process to ensure that we provide you with the right portable bathroom facilities to meet your needs.

This includes the unit type, size, and number of units. We understand the business and we use our experience and knowledge to help you make the best choice for your business. You will be able to provide your workers with comfort and privacy while also meeting your budget requirements.

Why Choose Us

Our portable bathrooms come with the right amenities to provide privacy and hygiene when using our products. You can opt for a temperature-controlled unit if the construction takes place during particularly hot or cold months. Our units feature slip-resistant flooring and slip-resistant steps leading into the trailer.

Our portable bathrooms provide solid performance at value-for-money pricing. Our units are spacious, convenient, clean, and always in pristine condition. We also feature double and three-stall units for particularly large sites or simply complement single-stall units with additional single-stall units.

We offer various rental options, including daily rentals, weekly rentals, and rentals for longer periods of time. Phone our office today and speak to one of our friendly staff members to see how we can assist you with your portable bathroom needs.

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