Benefits of Portable Restrooms on Construction Sites

Construction is a difficult job, and keeping your workers happy, safe and comfortable should be a priority. Portable restrooms on the job site not only make it possible for workers to stay on site all day, but it also helps to make their day more comfortable. There are plenty of reasons that you should invest in portable restrooms for constructions sites, and we want to tell you all about them.

Reasons To Invest in Portable Restrooms for Your Construction Site

There are plenty of reasons to get portable toilets for your construction site, but the first is convenience and helping with productivity for your workers. Being able to go to the restroom when needed and not having to try to find a toilet can help your workers immensely. It will also help them be more comfortable while on the site.

It is also a great way to save water and space. Portable toilets, even those that do have sinks and the ability for your workers to wash hands, take up far less water than a normal bathroom. They are going to be eco-friendly, and they will take up very little space on your site. Proper waste disposal will also help keep your site healthier and free of any waste that might accumulate otherwise.

Having toilets on site will also help with brand reputation and with helping your employees know that you are thinking of them and want to ensure that they are happy and cared for. Portable toilets are needed if your workers are working on a site with no toilets.

Choosing the Right Option

There are tons of different types and styles of portable toilets and construction site restrooms. You need to take a few things into account when you choose the toilets for your site. You need to think about how many people will be using it, what sort of capacity it needs, and any extras you might want for your site.

You need to take the time to make sure that you are paying attention to the type of toilet that you are getting and making sure that you are getting the right portable toilet for your needs. Toilets are easy to get, they are more affordable than you might imagine, and they can help elevate your worksite and help to improve the overall safety and comfort of your worksite.

Where To Put Your Portable Bathroom Rental at Your Next Event

The venue is one of the biggest aspects of planning a corporate event, wedding, or party. However, it isn’t everything! Spring carnivals, weddings, music festivals, and more can benefit from pre-planning, including setting up tables and tents, contacting vendors, and booking caterers. But you must not forget one thing — a luxury portable bathroom! Follow this ultimate guide to help put your portable restrooms at your next event.

Stay Grounded

Putting the rentals on irregular levels can cause wobbling and tipping for guests — making it an awful experience. Instead, place your portable restrooms on level ground to enhance the comfort and safety of your guests.

Near Concessions

It’s usually best to have portable restrooms on a plane site. Placing portables near concessions is an issue unless there is some distance between them. Your portables don’t need to be right where drinks and foods are being served.

Moreover, walking around frantically looking for a bathroom can be frustrating. So, place your portables somewhere that can be easily found and seen. Plus, you don’t want your portables to be the central point of your event.

Check the Weather

If there is a possibility of high winds during your event, place the portables back-to-back in groups for added stability. Otherwise, secure your rentals by placing them along a wall. This can prevent it from shaking and catching the wind. Also, check for rain and ensure the ground you place the portables won’t become surrounded by standing water if it pours.

Provide Sanitation Supplies Abundantly

The cleanliness of your portable bathrooms can significantly impact your guests’ experience. Keep an abundance of sanitation supplies in your portables to help create the impression that your event is welcoming and organized. This includes ensuring your bathrooms are stocked with air fresheners, feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, and toilet paper.

Find Out if You Need a Permit

The need for a permit to use portable bathrooms during an event depends on the event’s nature and location. In most parts of the U.S., a permit isn’t required if the event will be held on your property or if you rent bathrooms for a construction site.

Otherwise, it’ll be up to your health department and local government, and the property owner where the event is taking place. You can also ask the rental company if the permit is needed. Any reputable bathroom rental company will understand the local regulations and laws surrounding permits.

Make Your Event Safe for Your Guests

Alcohol, loud music, and crowds are a fun combination. However, it’s a combination that requires safety measures. In addition to having mobile medical care on-site, if you have a sick guest, a portable bathroom rental is necessary to make your next event successful.